As designers, we believe that sustainability and design are one in the same. It simply is our responsibility to design good buildings, not just to our clients but also the wider community. Environmental design is not an option nor an add-on, it is part of each project from the very beginning as we strive to minimise the environmental impact both during and post construction. We try to keep things simple with the implementation of passive design principles wherever we can, with architecture that responds to its surrounding context, its native environment.

At NATIVE, we push as much as we can to make space that:

  • Simply make the occupant want to be in them, a space they are happy not to leave
  • Responds to its environment - catching the sun or blocking it out, letting a cool breeze through, framing the perfect view...
  • Are durable and low maintenance
  • Minimises operational costs
  • Both harvests and uses less water
  • Reduces waste and its environmental impact during the life of the project - both during and after construction
  • Uses locally sourced and recycled materials wherever possible.


Our buildings have an opportunity to significantly improve people's standard of living, help nurture and educate the community and essentially make people a little happier when they are experiencing them.