Residential / New Dwelling

Tikitere // Bay of Plenty, NZ

Status: Design Development

The site for this project is expansive, sited on the edge of Lake Rotorua, New Zealand. The brief was simply to create a new secondary dwelling on site to house a couple and their elderly father, all the while, retaining the garden aspect of this site. Rather than attempt to treat this as a sub-division, the concept is to embrace the notion of communal and intergenerational living of this family and their culture and bring this to the built form. This house is not only interested in the internal aspects of the program, but also what opportunities lie outside it's walls in accommodating the extended family when they visit and pitch their tents outside. The small and efficient plan allows for easy living when it is just 3 and provides facilities for when spaces numerous family groups converge on the property for the holidays.

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