Subdivision / Multi-residential

Fitzroy North // Melbourne, VIC

Status: Town Planning

This site in the inner-north of Melbourne, with it's existing single fronted weatherboard villa is flanked on two sides by bluestone laneway, a villa to the west and fronts a street with a heritage overlay. By seeing such a context as an opportunity rather than a constraint, this 3 dwelling development allows for activation of this laneway. The existing dwelling to the north is re-invigorated with a new open living area which engages with the garden to the north, all the while providing a 'book-end' for the 2 laneway dwellings to the south. The townhouses work both as dwellings for an inner city family with flexibility to allow one to run a small business from home. The small scale, urban context of these townhouses engage with the laneway with a solid base and aspire to the idea of being amongst the rooftops and trees by have a lighter and more refined treatment to the upper levels. In terms of form, to take on the character of the suburb, which has both heritage listed residential and commercial sites, the use of reverse saw-tooth roofing allows the ingress of northern solar gain and daylighting to the upper living areas.

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