The hoffman


Northcote // Melbourne, VIC

Status: Completed 2018

This re-use of an existing heritage significant building takes what was a tired and commercial warehouse and re-invigorates not just the building but the street by giving back 8 new apartments consisting of 6 with lush rooftop terraces. The residential nature of the building plays 'second fiddle' to the existing warehouse façade which will breathe new life into this street. With the heavy existing masonry base of the building anchoring to the earth, the set-back dwellings are treated with a delicate and crated timber and steel framework creating dialogue between what used to be the heart and soul of the immediate area in the 1800's, the Northcote Brickworks.

This model of living is driven by a desire to fight the effects of urban sprawl, providing families with the ability to remain a part of the inner city and enjoy all that Northcote and the City of Melbourne has to offer - making housing that is inspired by people, not a city driven by cars.

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