1/2 quartet houses

Subdivision / Multi-residential

Seddon // Melbourne, VIC

Status: In Construction

On a rather busy street in in the inner-western suburbs of Melbourne lies a rather quirky, yet charming shopfront which houses an equally charming barbershop. The same cannot be said of the house which grows out of the back of this shop. The brief for this project was turn this existing dwelling into two flexible town houses. The starting point was to retain as much of the shopfront as possible, simultaneously allowing the new built form of the town houses to add to the street whilst respect the existing context. The resulting subdivision is 2 north facing two-storey dwellings which utilize the tight constraints of the site to create both flexible and efficient layouts. One which conceals a patio/courtyard behind the existing ornate shopfront and the other utilizing the non-sensitive condition of the adjacent laneway. To the south of the site lies a council-owned nature strip which will allow the building to become platform for climbing vegetation, giving back to the streetscape.

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