Our process is very straightforward, whether it is for a dwelling, apartment building or a new cafe, we like to keep it simple. This provides a clear framework for the project, for both ourselves and our clients.

The process is broken up into the following stages:


This is where we meet over a coffee (or two) and get to listen to you, the client, tell us about what you are wanting from your project. We look to educate ourselves about the context of the project such as the site, its feasibility, its constraints, what already exists and of course, your needs and form strategies on how go about designing. This stage is generally heavily collaborative so that we can really understand what you are wanting to achieve, allowing us to build on this and form a conceptual framework. After all of the sketching, modelling and discussion we bring it all together into a cohesive and exciting main concept design.


We move on from the previous stage and start adding another level of detail to the initial concept. Exploration of materials will come into play, further detailed plans as well as other forms of architectural presentation such as 3D modelling and light studies, allowing you to get a better understanding of how both the internal and external spaces will feel. Much like the previous stage, we welcome opportunities to sit down with our clients and work through particular details over a number of meetings so as to ensure that we are heading in the right direction.


This particular stage may or not be relevant to your project, however, we look into this during the earlier stages so that you know well in advance. In short, this is when we prepare documentation for your project so that we can show the local council/authorities what we are proposing to eventually build. Once this documentation is lodged, council will then assess it against the relevant policies ensuring that we are adhering to and considering how our design sits within the existing context and we are huge fans of ensuring that we are giving back to the street and the neighbours.


Following on from Design Development or perhaps getting the 'green light' from council, we need to prepare detailed technical drawings and specification documentation so that we can firstly, get the building priced by the relevant contractors/trades and secondly, attain a building permit so that we are given the go ahead to break ground and start building. During this period, we are also collaborating with and coordinating our specialist consultants such as structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, depending on your specific project requirements.


Also known as CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION, this is the part in the process where we are regularly on site overseeing and working with the builders. Our job is to take the load off you, the client, during this all important process and assist the builder with queries, ensuring that everything is being built according to the plans and manage invoicing and cash flow for the build. We also invite you out to site at important milestones so that you too are a part of the construction process.

Building anything can be quite daunting if you are not accustomed to it, however, it is also an exciting experience. Seeing a building go up or a fit-out be realised from an empty shell is something to remember and we want our clients to enjoy the journey as much as possible, so feel free to let us handle things for you!



To get things moving, drop us a line or email hello@workshopnative.com to organise a casual 'meet & greet' wherever suits you, and it won't cost you a thing, because it's free!

If we catch-up at your site, this gives us a great opportunity to have a look around and talk about what you are wanting out of the project as well as get an idea of the brief. We also chat about the process and you can ask us whatever questions you may have. In addition, you get the opportunity to get a feel for us as designers and more importantly, people. Building is an involved process and we are going to spend a bit of time with each other, whether it is for your new retail/hospitality venue or your new home. Of course we are very friendly and easy going, but it is always a good start to make sure that we all get along and are on the same page!